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[1] RDP ============================================================================================================ - What Is The RDP ? As Simple, The RDP Is Another Pc Linked In A Strong Servers From Another Countries Like US,UK,NL.... And You Can Control On IT - Why You Should Use RDP In Crack ? 1-At First For Security , In Cracking, You Will Found A Lot Ov Programs With Virus For That We Use RDP 2-For Speed ,As All Know, The RDP Have A high Speed Internet Up To 1GB/S - How To Get RDP ? To Get RDP, You Need To Buy One From Companies Like Microsoft Azure, Aws Amazon , ionos Or Try To Get Bin To Get A Random Cards To Get RDP For Free Cards Generator From BIN : Cards Checker : ============================================================================================================ [2]COMBO -Before Start Learn About Crack, You Need To Learn How To Make Combo -There Is A Lot Of Methods To Make Combo -But To Make A Good And Private Combo You Should Learn How To Make A Private Dorks To Get A HQ Combo -If You Don't Like To Make A Combo You Can Use Public Combo From Any Cracking Forum For EXAMPLE : NULLED.TO, CRACKINGITALY.CO, CRACKED.TO ETC.. ============================================================================================================ [3] PROXY The Proxise are The Most Important , Because When You Cracking Any Website, After Some Tries Your IP Will Got Ban From Website, For That We Use The Proxy As New IP To Continue Cracking WithOut Problems You Can Get A Free Proxy From Here : the recommended free proxy to use : socks4 But Ofc The Paid Proxies Better Than Free To Buy A Good Proxies From Here : ============================================================================================================ [4]Now Go To Programs Crack Section Here I Will Explain All Section's Of OpenBullet I Will Explain On OpenBullet 1.4.4 Anomaly You Can Find Version Here : -After You Download The Application {Openbullet V1.4.4 Anomaly} Open It -then you will show this layer : Just Press On Start And Wait After Pressing Start You Will Show This Main Layer : Now Here I Will Explain All Section's Step By Step Before Explain Section's You Should Know: BOTS: Thrads That You Send To Website For Cracking CPM : Num Of Tries In 1 min Capture: Full Info Of Account Like Subsicription, plans, credits , balance , payment_method etc Ok Now Let's Go To Section's Of The OpenBullet [1]: Proxies Section: At First You Need To Get A Proxies And Save It On TXT File After That Import It On Program By Press On Proxies Section >> Import No At First Choese The Type Of Proxies (For Example I Use Socks4 Proxies) After Choese A Type Of Proxies Click On File Icon To Import Txt File And Choes The Proxies File ============================================================================================================ [2]: Wordlist Section: After You Make Or Get A Combo From Any Forum , Now Import It On OpenBullet To Use It Just Go To Wordlist Section And Press On Add Now , Choes Your Type Of Combo Is There A Mail:Pass , Or User:Pass, After That Click On File Ico And Choese Your Txt File Of Combo And Import It ============================================================================================================ [3]: Configs Section To Add A New Config Just Go To Config Section And Press On OpenFolder And Put The Config That You Want To Added It On The Folder After That Just Press On Rescan And The Config Will Be Appear. Here I Share A Lot Of Configs {+70 Config } And All Is Work Without Any Problems ============================================================================================================ [4]: Runner Section After You Import A Proxies , Combo , Configs On The OpenBullet Now Is Runner Time :) To Start Crack Just Press On New Now Clic On The Frame To Set The Properites At First Press On CFG And Select The Config Of Site That You Want To Crack It The Press On Select List And Choes Your Combo That You Want To Use IT After That Just Press On Start And Wait Until The Runner Finish (100%). ============================================================================================================ [5] Hits Section In This Section The Result Successed On Runner Will Appear Here Just Press On Right Click On Mouse And Copy The Combo ============================================================================================================ That's All About Crack With Openbullet #S H M A #T E C H - C R A C K I N G If You Have More Questions You Can Ask Me On FB : Or My Gmail: [email protected] ============================================================================================================

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